D3 Advance


Session Descriptions

Pastoral Ministry Track

Session 1: Creating a Plan for Making Disciples - The mission of the church is to make disciples. This session will discuss the benefits of a well-defined plan for making disciples as a church and how we come up with such a plan.

Session 2: Evangelism and the Pastor - Could you use some encouragement and a refresher on sharing your faith? Pastors are leaders on the frontline in evangelism and this session will seek to encourage and equip pastors in their personal evangelism and as they lead others in their church to do the same. 

Session 3: Staying on Mission - Pastor, have you ever asked yourself, "I don't think what we are doing is working anymore"? It's common these days to question the effectiveness of our churches when the programs don't work anymore, the community around us has changed, and our people are not attending like they used to. In this session, we will discuss the reasons why our churches are in the shape they are, along with some principles they could adopt to get back on track. Our goal will be to renew the momentum in the local church we once had.

Worship Ministry Track

Session 1: Technology and Our Worship - Whether we like it or not, tech is part of our music ministries. We will take a brief overview of the tech in our services.

Session 2: Practical Planning & Preparation - How do you plan a worship service from start to finish? From music to scripture, to the Lord’s Supper, to response, we will look at how and why to plug in these various components of worship service.

Session 3: We have Wonderful Volunteers - Volunteers are the heart of any music ministry. Join us as we look at working with and serving the volunteers in your music ministry.

Deacons Ministry Track

Session 1: Why Deacon Training? - Deacons are vital to the mission of the church. This session will discuss the benefits of why deacons should receive training. 

Session 2: Deacons in Service - This session will discuss what deacon service looks like and how to achieve it within our churches. 

Session 3: Deacon Leadership - This session will focus on how effective deacon leadership can impact your church.

Youth Ministry Track

Session 1: Within Reach - This session will discuss the book, “Within Reach” by Ben Trueblood, and how to keep students connected to Jesus once they leave our ministries. 

Session 2: Relationships Over Programs - Here we will take a look at the importance of relationship building, setting aside time to pour into “leaders” from the teens. And focusing on quality NOT quantity in youth ministry. This will push into the need for, and the importance of discipleship in the group or individuals. Also, setting up and facilitating a multiplication ministry for teens to be a part of.

Session 3: How-To Youth Meeting - Let’s NOT assume we are all seasoned leaders… We know the “struggle” of a packed week that leads into a “rushed” youth group with many expectations. This is a chance to sit-back and take a fresh look at what a “normal” youth meeting looks like. 

Children’s Ministry Track

Session 1: Preparing Your Heart to Serve - Join us as we look at why preparing our hearts to serve is the first step in serving. We will also discuss practical ways to put heart preparation into practice.

Session 2: Praying for the Children and Families You Serve - Join us as we look at the vital role of prayer as we teach and serve in the Children's Ministry. We will discuss practical ways to make prayer a real and effective part of your ministry.”

Session 3: VBS 2022 - This session will explore the opportunities VBS offers for Kingdom growth while exploring this year‘s "Spark Studio" through Lifeway. We will have plenty of networking opportunities to share ideas and lessons learned. 

Adult Ministry Track

Session 1: 4-Chair Discipleship - In this session we will take a dive into each of the 4 calls of discipleship and see how faith is a process through maturity. We will be looking at the book "4 Chair Discipling” by Dan Spader, to set a foundation and see how Jesus lived His whole life to example discipleship for us. These four calls made were from Jesus to men and women at various stages of their walk - but were made with intent to go deeper!

Session 2: The “What” and “Why” to Sunday School - This session will seek to answer how best to accomplish the Great Commission in your church by way of Sunday School. Join in the discussion to attain a firm grasp on why Sunday School is a pivotal tool in a church’s toolbox. 

Session 3: Which Sunday School model works best? - This session will discuss a few different approaches to accomplishing the Great Commission via the Sunday School models.