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Session Descriptions

Pastoral Ministry Track

Session 1 - Connecting with your Community (Ben Schnipper)

Each one of us ought to be connecting with our community with the purpose of loving our neighbors and sharing the Gospel. How do we find out what our community needs? How do we connect with community leaders? How do we lead others to follow our example in connecting with our community?

Session 2 - Cultivating a Heart of Prayer (Rich Neeley)

An encouraging study and challenge for pastors to become the most powerful person in the church and in their family.

Session 3 - The Bi-Vocational Pastor (Scot Thomson)

Worship Ministry Track

Session 1 - Gospel-Centered Planning (Brad Kerr)

How does the Gospel shape what we do in our worship services, practices, and other events where we worship through song? Pastor Brad and team members from FBC Fulton will discuss how it impacts planning in their fellowship.

Session 2 - Gospel-Centered Leading (Brad Kerr)

It can be challenging to recruit Gospel-centered leaders to lead your congregation to worship through song. In this session, Pastor Brad will discuss how he approaches disciplining leaders and some good practices to build them up.

Session 3 - Gospel-Centered Singing (Brad Kerr)

What is our purpose when we gather to sing as the people of God on the Lord’s Day? Join us for an open discussion and study through scripture as we unpack the idea of congregational singing.

Deacons Ministry Track

Session 1 - The Marks of a Deacon (Preston Thompson)

We know the role of a deacon fairly well, but can people tell you are a one from the way you live your life?  We will look at 5 marks of a deacon from the book “On Being a Deacon” by Mark Hallock, and how these traits should be a part of our everyday life, not just while in our role at church.

Session 2 - Sabbaticals for Church Leaders (Nick Drake & Carson Humphreys)

What is a sabbatical? Why have them? How can our church implement them for staff and lay leaders? In this session, Pastor Nick Drake and Carson Humphreys, a lay leader with Richland Baptist Church, will answer those questions and help you work through how sabbaticals might work in your church.

Session 3 - The Responsibilities of a Deacon (Preston Thompson)

Not all churches are the same and not all deacons are made the same, but what does remain constant are the responsibilities we have in our servant role.  In this session we will look deeper into 5 duties every deacon must carry out no matter who they are or what church they serve at.

Youth Ministry Track

Session 1 - Youth Group in a Small Church (Tammy Smiley)

Is it feasible for small churches to start a youth group?  Let's talk about how to attract volunteers and invest in the lives of youth. 

Session 2 - Partnerships in Youth Ministry (Jerry Patton)

God has chosen the local church as the front-line for His Gospel work, but that doesn't mean anyone works alone - either within that local church or the larger context of the local church. We are intended to live life together, and we see many Biblical examples of those. As we partner with other believers inside and outside our local church we can increase our ability to be disciples who make disciples. This session will focus on how intentional investments with students, volunteers, other churches, and the association can help the local church be more effective in their disciple-making efforts.

Session 3 - Teaching with Intentionality (Ben Schnipper)

What should we be teaching our students? Where do we find it? How do I plan for a year? Is there quality material out there that I don’t have to write myself? In this session we will discuss how to formulate a big picture teaching plan for your youth ministry and all the little things that will go into making that plan happen.

Children’s Ministry Track

Session 1 - Gospel-Centered Teaching (Kara Davison)

Session 2 - Essential Nutrients in Kid's Ministry (Kara Davison)

Session 3 - Twist and Turn with VBS 2023 (Tammy Smiley)

We will explore the impact of VBS in the lives of your entire church through Lifeway's Twists and Turns.  Great opportunity to share ideas and successes with one another.

Discipleship Track

Session 1 - What is personal discipleship? (Nick Drake)

What are the priorities of Christian discipleship, especially in the context of individuals and small groups? In this session, Pastor Nick Drake will share some of the things he has tried, what has worked for him, what hasn't worked, and how we can help one another with biblical resources for growing in the Christian faith.

Session 2 - Growing Disciples (LP Cook)

The Church’s job is to make disciples. What does a mature disciple look like? How do we encourage growth among our members? How do we measure progress?

Session 3 - Missional Communities (TJ Dreyer)

This session will explore a possible way to walk out our faith outside the church walls for the glory of God. Missional communities are people on mission together, enjoying rhythms as a family while growing in the gospel as disciples. 

Administration Track

Session 1 - Church Constitutions & Bylaws (Charles Gholson)

Constitutions and Bylaws are legal documents that define who we are, what we believe, and how we operate. They should be living documents that change over time, but most importantly, they should always be biblical and not hinder the operation of the church. The goal is to combine the biblical and legal components that make up a healthy church. Is this how you would describe your church’s Constitution and Bylaws? When was the last time your church updated your Constitution and Bylaws?

Session 2 - Church Finances (Charles Gholson)

Church finances are often a topic of stress and tension among churches across the globe, but is it possible for church finances to actually be a point of excitement and unity? In this breakout, we are going to look at how we can marry together faith and fiscal responsibility. These are often thought of as competing ideas, but can they work together in harmony? We will cover topics including: annual budget, pastor’s salary packages, designated funds, love offerings, debt and more.

Session 3 - Strategic Planning (Charles Gholson)
Every church should be able to answer 3 basic questions: Who are we? Where are we going? and How will we get there? We are going to look at some biblical principles and basic planning ideas to help our churches be more effective for God's kingdom and His glory. With over 80% of churches plateaued or declining, the status quo is no longer working. We must become more strategic. We must strive to grow and learn as leaders. Our mission is too important.