GCBA Ministry teams

At Grand Crossings Baptist Association, we have set up Ministry teams, headed by association members, to serve our churches.  These teams exist to equip Pastors, Staff members, and Lay-leaders, with the ministry tools they need to further the Kingdom.

  • Evangelism team

    The Evangelism Team for GCBA is here to serve the churches as a trainer of methods and encourager of application and a provider of resources.  If you or your church wants a little help on how to do evangelism please contact the leader of the is team Pastor Terry Delaney.

  • Missions Team

    Our heart is for the mission opportunities that we have as an Association are birthed out of our churches.  As an Association we rally around these churches as well as join forces with them to expand the Kingdom with the Gospel.

    Team members are - Wil Hoffmann, Nick Drake, Brian Lehenbauer, Scotty Watson

  • Church Strengthening team

    The Church Strengthening Team is tasked with helping the churches of our association develop leaders within their congregations. Leadership development could be another way of thinking about discipleship. While not every disciple will lead a ministry team or committee, each disciple should be leading another disciple. The Church Strengthening Team, therefore, would like to help you think about your strategy for discipling the believers of your church and the various ministries that are part of that strategy. We would love to help you implement and improve areas like Sunday School, Small Groups, Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry (including VBS and Bible Drill), Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, prayer ministries, and any new ideas and areas you can come up with.

    Also, if this is what makes your heart beat, we'd love you to be a part of the team. You can contact LP Cook at Union Hill Baptist Church to talk about what you can do to serve with the Church Strengthening Team!

  • Technology Team

    Have you ever had that time in a service when the low rumble from a microphone to close to a monitor grows into a large ear piercing sequel?  If you have, and you don't ever want it to happen again, then contact our Technology Team.  This group of practical experts within our churches will help come alongside of your church to train, plan and even help install your Audio/Visual and other technology needs.  They are proficient in church sound, computer databases, and visual set ups that aid in the ministry of the local church.  For more information please contact Brad Kerr- Worship Pastor at FBC Fulton.